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MetsGeek Community Guidelines

Mets Geek is a website with one simple aim: to best facilitate intelligent discourse about baseball among fans of the New York Mets. In the interest of accomplishing that simple aim, we’ve decided to produce this little FAQ to answer any questions you might have concerning the site and community here.

General Site Information

How do I post comments, journals, etc.?

Here at MetsGeek, we require that all commenters and posters register with the site first. Registration is a short, simple process that begins by clicking on the link under “my account” on the left sidebar. From there, follow the on-screen instructions; it requires only a valid e-mail address. A password will be automatically e-mailed to that address.

I don’t like the password you guys sent me. How do I change it?

You can alter your password at any time on the “edit profile” page. A link to that page is located under “my account” on the left sidebar.

I want an avatar. How do I get one?

Our avatars are provided by Gravatar.com. A gravatar is an avatar that remains consistent with all blogs that utilize their service. In order to add your own avatar to Mets Geek, please sign up with Gravatar here, making sure you provide the same e-mail that you have on file with Mets Geek.

I want to write for you guys! How do I go about that?

We have a journal feature that allows registered users to publish their own thoughts, stories, and analysis. Please take advantage; administrators may highlight especially strong journals via a promotion to the main page.

Those who’d like a regular writing job should feel free to e-mail us. But be prepared to back it up with a sample or an example of regular writing (a blog, for example), preferably both. We’ll always consider submissions.

I have a problem, and nothing here seems to address it. How do I get help?

Contact us here. A link is always present in the blue bar beneath the banner.

Commenting Guidelines

We are constantly striving to maintain a reasonably high level of discourse in the comments. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Here then are some commenting guidelines designed to help us preserve a peaceful and productive community at Mets Geek:

Avoid name-calling or quarrels with fellow users.

Disagreeing with someone is fine. It happens wherever there’s healthy discussion. But please don’t resort to name-calling or personal attacks, no matter what you think of another’s opinion. Examples of this include just about anything questioning someone else’s intelligence. Once the exchange turns personal, it becomes something no one else wants to read, so don’t clutter the comments with insults.

Hateful language will not be tolerated.

Deriding individuals or groups because of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. will result in a ban. Remember: intentions are not always plainly apparent in a forum such as Mets Geek, so it would be wisest to avoid any comment where a remotely reasonable interpretation might find offense.

Spam is not welcome.

If you include a link to a comment, make sure that link furthers the conversation at hand. Any comment whose sole purpose is to advertise another blog, website, or product may be deleted without warning. I understand the desire to generate traffic to your work, and to that end you have the opportunity to link to it in your user profile. Other than that, please don’t clutter our comment sections with plugs.

Don’t comment just to bait other users.

Creating an account for the sole purpose of annoying our readers is unacceptable. Users who have nothing useful to contribute will not be welcome at Mets Geek.

Avoid profanity when possible.

This is a community of adults, and adults will let one loose every once in a while. You may even convince us that occasional, restrained profanity has its stylistic merits at the right moment. But please don’t make it a regular part of your vocabulary in these parts. It just doesn’t reflect well on you in the eyes of others.

Use proper spelling and grammar.

The grammar police aren’t going to be shutting down comments with misplaced punctuation or imperfect verb-subject agreement, but your thoughts will have greater impact when free of grammatical or spelling errors.

Keep the discussions relevant.

We provide an open thread every day where people can hang out and talk about whatever’s on their minds. In all other threads, please address only the topic’s subject.

We also ask that you avoid political and religious discussion. This is a baseball blog first and foremost. We are, however, aware that intelligent discourse will occasionally turn in that direction at one point or another. When it does, please do your best not to rile others up or violate the comment guidelines.

Above all, we only ask that you treat each other with respect and in an adult-like manner. Adults make allowances for new faces and old friends, they listen carefully, they back up what they say, and they think before they type. We expect you all to do the same.

While offensive material will always be removed without warning, the administrators here are very hands-off when it comes to policing things. Plus, this site logs a ton of comments, and we can’t read everything, so we ask you to take some responsibility for how you act. If you say something that offends our guidelines or someone else, apologize—sincerely, without sarcasm—whether you think you’re at fault or not. Pleasant relations are more important than absolute justice in a forum like Mets Geek.

If someone refuses to cooperate, don’t hesitate to contact an administrator via our contact form. Let us know who you are, who the offending party is, and be sure to clearly identify the offensive material. Links are definitely helpful.

When a problem arises, we judge everything and everyone on a case-by-case basis. There’s no “three strikes and you’re out rule” or anything like it, so don’t expect one. If you receive a warning, we anticipate a reasonable response and a change in behavior.

User Journals

What are journals?

Journals are your opportunity to post your own thoughts and ideas at Mets Geek when a comment just doesn’t seem to be enough. Furthermore, they represent a chance for you to highlight your own skills as a writer or baseball analyst.

Other users can also recommend certain journals to other readers via the yellow “rec” box in the upper right-hand corner of the journal. Once a journal has received enough recommendations, it’ll be found in the “Recommended Journals” section of the sidebar.

If an administrator especially enjoys a journal, he may promote it to the main page.

How do I post one?

Once you’ve registered and logged in, a link is present in the “my account” section on the left sidebar. Be sure to include a title; a journal with no title can’t be clicked on by other users. When finished, click “publish,” and you’ll find your piece on the right sidebar with the other journals.

WordPress will also automatically save your unpublished journals as drafts for a period of time.

How do I edit a published journal?

An “Edit This” link will appear below the title.

If your journal has been promoted to the main page, we ask that you please not edit it yourself. Doing so will demote it back to the sidebar. Instead, please contact an administrator.

Are there any rules concerning what I can publish as a user journal?

The comment guidelines also apply to user journals, so please keep that in mind.

Otherwise, all we ask is that your journals be used for developed ideas that stretch beyond what you’d normally use in a single comment. Good posts will provide tightly reasoned arguments backed by evidence and will explore a topic not recently covered by a journal or feature at Mets Geek.

We love user-generated content, so post often!

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