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April 13, 2009
2009 Mets player predictions

I do this every year. Last year here’s what I said:

Reyes .296/.359/.451, 117 runs, 62 SB, 14 HR, 15 3B

Jose will go through his ups and downs at the plate, especially against righties. The lazy flies and grounders to first will…

March 13, 2009
Don’t bemoan no Pedro

At least, not too hard.

Yes, Pedro may be better than Livan Hernandez or Tim Redding.  Yes, for a team in a must-win year, there is some logic to shelling out an extra $5 mil to upgrade your 5th starter position. …

January 9, 2009
Redding vs Pedro
by: argonbunnies on Jan 9, 2009 3:12 PM | Filed under: Journals

The Mets are rumored to have a made a 1-year, $2.5 million offer to Tim Redding to be their 5th starter. At the same time, Pedro has stated he’d like to pitch for the Mets, and hasn’t included any bluster…

December 27, 2008
rushing Niese hurts the budget

I don’t think Neise is ready to contribute in the majors in 2009, and I could point to a lot of stats, but I figure that’s probably been done.  Instead, let’s start with this: can we assume that Niese will…

December 19, 2008
Should the Mets pursue Ben Sheets?

The main deterrent is injury risk, so I’ve compiled the complete injury history of Ben Sheets here for your review:

In 2004, Sheets was phenomenal. He struck out 264 and walked 32 — only Saberhagen, Schilling, Maddux and Pedro (twice) have…

March 28, 2008

I do this every year. Last year here’s what I said:

Reyes .304/.352/.490, 126 runs, 67 SB, 17 HR, 20 3B

Jose COULD hit 25 HRs, but that’s not what he’ll aim for. His mix of patience and aggressiveness will result in…

filling the final roster spots

Now that we’re down to a small number of guys who might or might not make the team, I’d like to discuss them.  I’ll start with my impressions:


Brian Stokes – Has always had terrible command/control.  His major league time to…